October 12, 2010

Birthday Earrings

As many of you know, I started working on my Chemistry PhD this fall.  On my first day of school, I met these two awesome girls, Kelley and Michelle.  Over the last 6 weeks, I've become pretty good friends with them.  Over these few weeks, I've noticed that Michelle wears earrings almost every day.  I made a mental note and tucked it away until I could act on it. 

Well, Michelle's birthday is on Thursday... so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make some earrings for her.  When she came over to study for our Organic Chemistry exam, I took out all my beads and had her pick a few beads that she liked so I could create some birthday earrings for her (she knows she is getting earrings, but doesn't know what they will look like). 

She gravitated toward my blue beads, so I decided to create some sweet dangle earrings using the blue beads and fish charms.  My goal was to make it look like the fish were swimming in water.  I then decided to create a second pair of earrings for her using different colors and sizes of pearls.  Here's a peek at her birthday earrings (luckily she doesn't read my blog, so I can post pictures here).

I'll let you know how she likes them.  I just have to wait a couple more days before I can give them to her!



Reed said...

Hi Friend,

Really you are amazing. Your style of presentation is very nice. I think these are the latest design. These earrings looking very stylish.


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