December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution

With 2010 coming to a close, it's time to reflect on the year and make plans for the new year.  2010 was a big year for me.  My husband and I moved from Guam to Miami, FL and picked up our gorgeous doggy who had been living with her grandparents for 3 years while we were in Guam.  I also took a huge leap when I left my stable job to go back to school to work on my PhD in chemistry.  I met some wonderful people and made amazing new friends this year.  I also dealt with devastation as I struggled with leaving school because I just wasn't at the same point in my life as I was 10 years earlier.  Despite its highs and lows, I think 2010 was a success.  Looking toward 2011, I have a lot of decisions to make... so, here are my resolutions for 2011.
  • Find a good job.  After leaving school, I am not bringing in any money.  I have to find a job, and I need to do it quickly.  I've put in a lot of applications and I'm hopeful.  Hopefully, this is a January resolution instead of a year long resolution.
  • Run a half marathon.  I completed my first half marathon in 2010, but I didn't run the entire thing.  I had to walk quite a bit.  This year, I want to run all 13.1 miles.
  • Run a marathon.  My husband and I have decided to sign up for a full marathon after we complete our half marathon, and I want to run the entire thing. 
  • Start selling my jewelry.  I've decided to take another leap this year.  I'm going to try to believe in myself and start up an etsy store and sell my jewelry.  I'm also going to contact some local bridal stores and see if they will carry some of my jewelry.  I'm hoping to start taking custom bridal/wedding party/ bridesmaid gift orders. 
  • Blog at least 4 times a week.  In 2010, my blogging was spurradic.  I had months where I blogged a lot, and other months where I hardly blogged at all.  In 2011, I want to make sure I blog at least 4 times each week.  I also want to improve the photos I take for the blog.
  • Learn to make glass beads.  My wonderful husband bought me a lampwork bead making kit for Christmas, and I can't wait to try it out.  I have wanted to learn to make glass beads for awhile and want to jump in and do it this year.
  • Get back in shape.  The last few years have been difficult on me.  I've dealt with depression, anxiety, and my father's suicide.  I let my workout routine get away from me.  I want to start working out regularly and get myself back.  I think it will improve my confidence and make me feel better all around. 
So, tell me, what are your goals for the new year?  Are  you making resolutions?  How will you hold yourself accountable and make sure you achieve your goals?

I plan to check in on a monthly basis and review my progress toward my goals.  Hopefully you will all help hold me accountable for my goals!  Happy New Year!!!  Here's to an amazing 2011.  You hold the power.  Make it wonderful!

I leave you with a picture of my gorgeous doggie, Bailey (do you believe she's 7 years old?):

December 29, 2010

Craft Supplier Auction

So, I went to my first auction today... and it was an auction for craft supplies.  A craft supplier/distributor went out of business and had five warehouses full of supplies to sell.  It was awesome.  There were pliers, wire, beads, bracelet forms, findings, and more. 

We started our day at about 9:30 am with a walkthrough of the merchandise.  We looked at everything and made a list of the items we were interested in.  At 11:00 am, we started getting excited because it was time for the auction to start.  By 12:00 pm, we were frustrated because the auction still hadn't started.  Finally, the auctioneer started the auction and we were rolling.  They started by asking if anyone was interested in buying the entire lot.  There was a bid for $35,000 for everything (easily over $1,000,000 worth of merchandise).  The auctioneer did not want to accept the bid, so the individual lots went up for sale.

We bid on a couple of things, and even won a few (glass beads, seed beads, wire, and copper findings).  Then, the "big boys" started bidding.  The auctioneer started bundling things in huge lots (like selling 6 pallets of stuff at one time).  At this point, the hubby and I were pretty much out of the bidding.  Even though we could afford the pallets, where on earth would we put 6 pallets of stuff?  Just before we left, the auctioneer decided to call off the auction and sell everything to the first bidder for the $35,000 he offered at the beginning. 

The result of the day was a roller coaster of emotion:  excitement, frustration, anticipation, excitement (again), frustration (again), and finally disappointment.  We were happy with the items we won (although there were a couple of things we would have liked to win... and a couple of things we wanted to bid on, but they were placed in large bulk lots, so we would have needed to purchase 6 pallets to get the one case of things we wanted).  We wanted to take our things home... but at the end, nothing was for sale.  We went home with nothing to show for our day.  Overall, I think it was fun... but, I still want my things!

December 28, 2010

Beautiful Beads from

I'm a little behind in my bead blogging.  I'm just now blogging about the beads I received from as part of the fall bead bloggers program.  I became overwhelmed by grading, writing finals, studying for and taking finals, and writing papers.  Boy, school is harder than I remember it being.  Anyway, I finally have a little time.  For the fall installment of the bead blogger program, I was instructed to select beads that bring about the feeling of fall through color.  I decided to stick with a traditional fall color pallet of browns, reds, oranges, and olive greens.  Check out these luscious delica seed beads in all the colors of fall:

In addition to the gorgeous seed beads, I also selected a couple of fall-themed pendants.  The first pendant is a gorgeous copper leaf.  I grew up in upstate New York and the leaves are the most beautiful part of the fall season.  When I saw this pendant, I couldn't help myself.  It really brought out my memories of fall.

The second pendant is a beautiful porcelain pendant in an olive green color with a black tree on it.  Again, I just couldn't help myself when I saw it.  Everything from the color to the subject matter just felt like fall to me.

I have a really cool vision for the piece.  It, of course, includes a lot of beadweaving.  If it turns out the way I want, It will be different than the other pieces I've created.  Check back for a look at the fall necklace I'm going to create.

FTC Disclosure: The items in this post were provided to me free of charge from for review or design purposes as part of the Bead Blogger program. I am providing an honest review of the products for which I am receiving no compensation.

December 21, 2010

Show the Beaders in Your Life How Much You Care! is generously giving away 10,000 ten dollar gift cards. You can give away up to ten gift cards to your friends and family.  Simply click here to go to the giveaway website and click the Start Gifting button.  If you want to take part in this, you better hurry because the giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, December 22.  It's a great way to spread the holiday cheer and support the jewelry makers in your life.

As if the gift card giveaway alone isn't enough, is going even further.  They are giving away a 16GB iPad 3G.  You can surf the internet from just about anywhere, watch instructional videos, or order new beads.  To enter the contest, place an order at by December 31, 2010 or click here to enter without making a purchase!

Thanks Artbeads!
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