May 22, 2011

A Giveaway so Amazing I'm Not Sure I Really Want to Share It!

OK, this giveaway is amazing.  I really really really want to win it... which is why I'm not sure I really want to share it.  If I share it, it gives me more competition.  But, luckily (for you anyway), I decided to share.  So check out all the amazing beads in this giveaway from the Art Bead Scene blog

The giveaway is in honor of Bead 2011 which is presented by Beadwork Magazine.  Erin contacted as many of the artists in Bead 2011 as she could and asked her to contribute to the giveaway.  And, boy did they respond.  Check out her blog post for complete details about the giveaway and instructions for entering

Here are a FEW of the beads I am drooling over at the moment.  There are far more included in the giveaway... these are just my personal favorites!


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