June 27, 2010

Under The Sea Bracelet

In my June Post, Pretty Pretty Beads, I gave you a sneak peek at some of the charms and glass beads I received from Artbeads.com.  I left you with the promise that I would show you what I created with the gorgeous beads.  Well, since some of the beads are charms, I knew I was going to make a charm bracelet of some sort... but, I didn't want to make a traditional bracelet with charms hanging from chain.  I wanted to make something really cool and funky. 

Since the charms were sea-themed, I decided to combine them with the amazing glass beads that shimmer and change color just like the ocean.  I created cages for the glass beads and used wire wrapping to suspend them in their cages.  Then, I alternated charms with the glass beads, also attached using wire wrapping.  This charm bracelet came out how I imagined it.  It was inspired by some of my SCUBA diving trips, and everything from the colors to the charms remind me of my trips!

I'm pretty happy with the way the bracelet turned out.  Next time, I will try using a smaller gauge wire so the structure of the bracelet is sturdier.  I'll also make the bracelet slightly shorter since it's a little big for my wrist.  Other than that, it came out the way I imagined it.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

FTC Disclosure: The items in this post were provided to me free of charge from Artbeads.com for review or design purposes as part of the Bead Blogger program. I am providing an honest review of the products for which I am receiving no compensation.


Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Very nice! It looks quite comfy to wear as well :)

Tiffany said...

this is really cool! Mind if I use it as inspiration for a piece?

Kell said...

Mellisa... Thanks! It is pretty comfortable!

Tiffany... feel free to use it as an inspiration. I'd love to see what you create if you send me a link after you're done!

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