July 14, 2010

A New House, Internet, and Stuff!!!

It has been a long road, but I am finally getting settled in Miami!  Our adventure began at the end of April when we shipped most of our belongings from Guam.  At the end of May, we shipped the remainder of our belongings... and on June 1, we hopped a flight to Miami.  Okay, okay, so hopped a flight isn't trully accurate.  The travel time from Guam to the East Coast of the United States is about 24 hours including layovers... so, we dragged ourselves through the travel process (although we did have a 4 day layover in Hawaii to help with the trip).

Our adventure wasn't over when we arrived in Miami.  All of our housing options had fallen through, so we stayed in a hotel while looking for a new home.  That's right, we moved over 8,000 miles without having a place to live.  After 3 days of looking at homes, we put in an offer and hopped in a minivan to drive north to pick up our beautiful dog, Bailey.  On the trip, we heard back from the seller and had to do all the paperwork from a FedEx Office store.  We continued our trip north and stayed with my in-laws for about a week.  While there, we heard back from the inspection company... and had to re-negotiate on the house.

After a great week with my in-laws, the hubby, the puppy, and I headed to my home town to spend a weekend with my step-mom.  It was the first time I'd been back to NY since my dad's funeral.  It was a difficult trip, and I freaked out before and during the visit.  But, I made it through and I think I am better for it.  Hopefully, it will help me achieve closure.

After the weekend, we spent three days traveling back to Miami... and, by three days, I mean three looooong days of driving.  Upon arrival, we moved in to a hotel for 2 weeks (before we could close on our house).  After the hotel, we moved into our new house with a puppy an air mattress and a few clothes for about a week before our shipment arrived and our internet was installed.  Now, two of our shipments have arrived... we still have one shipment left... and my car still hasn't arrived yet.  However, we are partially unpacked and able to live a relatively normal life.  We still have lots of work ahead of us, but life is pretty good after a long time of being unsettled. 

If you were keeping count, we were unsettled for almost three months, stayed in seven hotels (one in Guam, one in Hawaii, one in Miami, one on the way up north, two on the way back to Miami, and another one in Miami), stayed with two family members, and slept on an air mattress for a week.  Having our own belongings, house, puppy, and ability to cook food... priceless.  While stressful, the entire process was totally worth it.  I love being back in the U.S., I love our house, and I really enjoy our new neighborhood.  I can't wait to see what South Florida life has in store for me!



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