July 25, 2010

Help Beads of Courage Win a $25,000 Grant

My friend Dawn from Designs by Dawn Marie recently posted this blog about Beads of Courage.  It's a really great program and could really use your vote to win a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project.  I couldn't provide the information in a better way, so I'm just re-posting Dawn's post.  Please read her words below and consider registering and voting to help Beads of Courage win one of the 10 grants!

A short time ago I posted about Beads of Courage, an organization I have known about for quite some time now. Beads of Courage helps children with cancer and other horrendous illnesses that are undergoing treatments. For each treatment the child goes through they are given a special bead to symbolize their courage and help tell their story. Some of those children have strands and strands of beads symbolizing hundreds of treatments - blood transfusions, chemotherapy, spinal taps... I can't even imagine.

Here's a story that our local news station ran about Beads of Courage and the Children's Hospital of WI some time ago. This was my first introduction to their incredible organization.

Please watch this video from WISN 12. I can't embed it, so you need to click the link to go to their website. (Right Click and Open in New Window) http://www.wisn.com/video/19300295/index.html

That story moved me more than I can even express. I felt for the families, I felt for the kids... and as someone that's grown up in a family with all sorts of health challenges I can empathize with all of them. I wanted to help. Right now, the Pepsi Refresh project is offering $25K to each of the 10 best ideas in the month of July. Beads of Courage is in the running... we're really close, but we aren't there yet. The ideas that are ahead of us are also really wonderful ideas -with really loyal voters. However, I believe that if you show a child love and compassion, they will grow up doing the same for soooo many more people.

Here's where I'm begging strongly asking that you help out Beads of Courage. We can vote daily... and it's only through July 31st. So 6 more days. We need to move up to #10 or Better to win one of the grants. It just takes a minute to register (which you only do once) then once a day log in and click "Vote for this idea." It's the only vote I cast because I really, really want BOC to move up.

Here's the website for the Pepsi Refresh Project. 

Please go vote, then tweet this and share it on your Facebook wall, and e-mail it to anybody that doesn't partake in social networking. If you belong to a group of like-minded people, ask them to do the same. It will really make a difference if we all can help in the last 6 days! Let's show the kids just how much we care!

Hope your week is spectacular!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Kell, thanks for sharing this! What BOC does is absolutely amazing! I've seen it first hand and to be able to help... especially in such a simple way as voting daily so they win... it's a wonderful way to give back!

To everybody reading this, please re-post, re-tweet and most importantly... vote today, tomorrow and all this week!

Thanks everybody!


Kell said...

They are amazing, and I wish I could do more than just post the article about them.


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