July 30, 2010

Introducing the Jewelry Swap Participants: Amy Grass

Another really cool chick I've met through the jewelry swap is Amy Grass.  She does awesome things with seed beads.  Don't believe me?  Check out her blog.  I'm totally serious.  She's an awesome artist and a cool lady as well!  Now that I've had the chance to meet her and get to know a little about her, I want to pass the opportunity along to you.  Keep reading to learn a little bit about Amy and her beading journey!

Beadativity:  What is your name?
Amy:  Amy Grass

Beadativity:  When did you start designing and creating jewelry?
Amy:  The first beaded thing I ever saw was made by a friend of mine when we were 4. I took that strung necklace apart and put it back together at least a hundred times. At some point, I pillaged the beads and made new things with them. For most of my life I collected beads, and sorted beads, but rarely used beads. I got into seed beads about 10 years ago, and actually made things with them. I still have more than I'll likely ever use, but you know what they say, she who dies with the most beads...wins. 

Beadativity:  Why did you begin creating jewelry?
Amy:  I made the switch from collecting to creating in order to pay for my bad habits in college. Until then, the beads kinda lived in their bead boxes and were occasionally used in hemp necklaces of christmas ornaments.

Beadativity:  What is your favorite piece of jewelry you have ever created?
Amy:  Gonturan was my favorite, until I made Raspberry Magic.


Beadativity:  What is your favorite piece of jewelry you have seen?
Amy:  I really like Laura McCabe's work. The sculptural orbs featuring the doll's eyes are an especial favorite. But in terms of jewelry, probably Laura McCabe's Les Bijoux d'Eiffel.  

Beadativity:  What is your favorite jewelry making technique (beadweaving, wire wrapping, stringing, etc…)?
Amy:  Beadweaving, all the way. I pretend to dabble in wirework and other whatnot, but give me a tube of seed beads, and I'm happy, although I do enjoy a good ball of hemp, now and then.  

Beadativity:  Where does your inspiration for your pieces come from?
Amy:  usually the beads speak to me. I find a focal or a pretty tube and they tell me what they want to be ...

Beadativity:  Can my readers buy your jewelry? Where?
Amy:  Right now, I have an outdated website @ www.spyderjewels.4t.com and my blog. If they are interested in any pieces, they can send me an email, or comment on by blog.

Beadativity:  What do you like to do in your spare time?
Amy:  Working 60-70 hours a week leaves little free time, but in the time that I do have, beading and studying for my Professional Engineering certifitcation exam are the things that I do. I love math and things math related, so I do like studying.  

Beadativity:  Do you have any pets?
Amy: I have a red-eared slider (a turtle) named Larry. She is about 4 years old, and I've had her since she was a hatchling. (Pretty sure shedoesn't know she's a girl-neither did I until she had been Larry for over a year). She lives with my parents while I'm travelling for work.

Beadativity:  What is your favorite color?
Amy:  Kelly Green

Beadativity:  What is your favorite color to use in jewelry?
Amy:  I use all colors. (Even slime green and flourescent orange sometimes together!)

Beadativity:  What is one new technique that you would like to learn?
Amy:  I would like to learn bead crochet, but I don't crochet. I barely knit! I would like to have a better grasp or right-angle weave, however. I understand the basics, but I just never like using it, but it makes such cool stuff. I'm torn, to be honest.  

Beadativity:  Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
Amy:  I love orange chicken from Panda Express. I could eat it with white rice and a Pepsi every day for the rest of my life.

This is just a little bit about Amy.  If you want to get to know her better, check out her blog!  I'd suggest following her so you can keep up with all the happenings in her life!


Kel said...

I so wish I had the patience for bead work. It is so beautiful. Just swinging by to wish you a great weekend and I wanted to invite you to join us tomorrow for our first Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. I have a preview up right now if you want to check and see what it is all about. Hope to see you there!


Kell said...

Hi Kel!
Sorry I mised your first Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop (I was in Orlando picking up my car and wasn't checking the internet as much as usual). If it's a weekly thing, I'll check it out next week!


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