March 11, 2010

Cherry Blossom Scarf

I have started working on a major project. I'm creating a beaded scarf using a custom made cherry blossom design (see the image on the left). Each end will display the cherry blossom design, and the middle will be solid blue. So far, I've put about 10 hours of work into the project and I have about 2 inches of the scarf complete. I think this project will end up taking about 200 hours of work total.

If the scarf turns out well, it will be the first item I try to sell using my Etsy store. I haven't seen many fully beaded scarves, so I hope it is something for which there is a demand. Because of the time constraints associated with the creation of scarves, I won't be able to keep them in stock, but I will be able to custom design patterns for scarves when someone requests them. I'll keep everyone posted regarding my progress and I will definitely post pictures when I have enough to show!


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