March 10, 2010

Creating New Beads

I recently learned a new technique for creating beads, applying patterns, and creating bezels so I can combine them into jewelry pieces. Here are some images of the beads I have created so far:

The first two images are of silver and blue beads I created and added a pattern to. I used blue and purple seed beads to create the bezels. The third picture displays black beads without patterns, but with colored bezels. Now, I'm playing with different color combinations and bead shapes (such as flower petals and tear drops). Check back with the blog to see how I incorporate these custom-made beads with different components to make some funky jewelry!


Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! I'd love to know how you applied the images. Your bezels are great! :)

Beadativity said...

Hi Lisa! I use liquid sculpey. Print a pattern you like (the shinier the paper the better). Spread a thin layer of liquid sculpey on a glass surface. place the pattern face down on the liquid sculpey and bake it according to the instructions. Peel the paper off, and the image is left in a clear membrane. Then, you just cut them to the shape of your beads and use liquid sculpey to bond the image to the beads and bake again! Let me know if you need more details!

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