March 17, 2010

When I Move to Florida

I have lived in Guam for the last three years and while it has been awesome (great diving, weather, vacation spots, etc...) I am very excited to be moving back to the United States in just a couple of months! My husband and I (and our beautiful "puppy" Bailey) will be moving to Miami in the May/June timeframe. Because we will be moving so soon, I am holding off on selling any of my jewelry until we are settled... needless to say, that is making me even more excited for our move.

We've been diligently searching the Miami housing market via the internet and are heading to Miami at the end of the month for a week of house hunting. I can't wait to find the perfect house with a great craft space, a big yard for the pup, and lots of ammenities close by (what, is that too much to ask?). My husband has a job lined up and I can take my job with me (I telecommute for a company in Charleston, SC). Now all we have to do is hold in our excitement until it's time to move.

On the beading front, I've started this blog that will track my foray into the world of selling my hand-made jewelry. I've also started using twitter to get to know other artists and talk about my work. I've set up my Etsy shop... it's just waiting for me to upload items for sale. And finally, I'm using all my extra time before the move to create jewelry so I will have enough to list when I start my store! I think I'm ready... now, if May would just hurry up and get here!


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