May 10, 2010

Beading Organization Project

I subscribe to a couple of different jewelry making magazines, and I purchase additional magazines when they inspire me.   I also turn to the internet whenever I need to learn a new technique.  The result is a huge pile of loose papers and magazines.  I hate to throw any away because I might want to refer to them at some point.  However, my upcoming move has made me think about how much I need to keep and what I can get rid of.  I decided to go through all the magazines and find the projects I want to keep and organize them into binders.  The added benefit is that it will be easier to find projects when I need them.  It isn't an easy undertaking, but I'm excited to have all my wonderful resources organized in a way that will make them even more useable (not to mention, it will be nice to go through all the projects again to see what I have)!  Right now, the biggest hurdle is that I already shipped my three-hole punch, so I am left to organize all my papers with my manual one-hole punch.  That makes the process a little slower... but it will still happen!

Thanks for reading... and happy beading!



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