May 1, 2010

I've been away...

Wow... this last week has been really busy.  I haven't had time to do any beading, let alone blogging about my beading.  However, it has been an exciting week for me (hence the no beading and no blogging).  The movers were here for two full days (until almost 9 pm the second day) packing up all our belongings and loading them into containers so they are ready to be shipped.  Because of this, I spent last weekend and Monday night preparing for the movers and sorting through stuff (what should stay until we actually move, what should be sent now, what should be donated, what should be thronw away).  Then, the last few days we've been recovering from the move.  Setting up our rental furniture and organizing the few things we kept with us for the remaining month in Guam.  Our apartment looks like a hotel now... with no art work and generic furniture... but it's a huge step toward our move.  I should be back this week for a little blogging.  I have to finish my final project for school this week, but then I'm free to bead and blog!!!  I'll be seeing more of all of you in the coming weeks!


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