May 15, 2010

Random Non-Beading Project

Recently I have found myself looking at the new laptops in the computer aisle.  Don't get me wrong, I don't need a new computer.  They're just so pretty I can't help myself.  They're little and colorful, and some of them have cute little patterns on them... while mine is boring.  So, I decided that the same skills I use to make pretty jewelry should be put to work to make my laptop pretty.  I found a bunch of the sets of gems for cell phones for CHEAP, so I bought all the sets I could find.  Then, I set to work deciding what I wanted to put on my laptop.  I finally settled on elephants.  They are my favorite animal -- they are just so gentle and kind.  They also represent luck.  So, I found a line drawing of elephants I liked (I didn't think I was up to re-creating anything more complex than a simple line drawing) and started cutting the jewels apart (I found out that cell phone jewels come stuck together on one piece of sticky stuff, so I had to cut them apart to use them).  I personally like it.  Everyone else may think it's silly, but it is special to me.  Not to mention that I will always know which laptop is mine... no mixing it up at the airport!  Hooray for simple projects!


Christine's Beadworks said...

Can't show this one to my daughter, she makes her mark on everything and she hasn't even considered the computer yet. It's beautiful. Very cute!

Beadativity said...

Once you become a crafty person, it's hard to stop... everything becomes fair game! That's what my husband is learning.

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