April 21, 2010

Some Old Favorites

I decided to give a lot of handmade gifts last Christmas. I had a great time making them (and thinking about what each special lady would like and trying to bring it to life). Some of my favorite pieces I've made were Christmas gifts in 2009 and were inspired by some of my favorite women. I thought I'd share the jewelry and a little bit about the women who inspired me to create them in this post:

I made this necklace and earrings for my mother-in-law. She is one of the nicest and most selfless people I have ever met. I wanted to make something special for her, but I wanted it to be simple enough that she could wear it regularly. I know she likes blue (and it looks awesome on her) so I started shopping for blue beads. I found the pendant on the necklace and the beads on the earrings at a store. I combined them with beads I already owned and wire work to create something funky and beautiful for a woman who is beautiful inside and out!

My aunt was the next lady on the list. She is a funky and cool lady. She is whimsical and bohemian. When I think of her I think of warmth and beauty. So, I couldn't help myself when I found the glass beads used in the earrings. I actually found the beads in the bracelet months earlier and thouvht of her. I was saving them until the right idea struck me. As Christmas drew closer, I came up with ideas that I thought would suit her style and would do her justice. I just love the warm colors in these pieces, and every time I see the pictures I think of her!

I created this necklace for my brother-in-law's girlfriend who I had never met (and still haven't, but am looking forward to meeting her in a couple of months). I only knew what I could figure out from his facebook page, so I was shooting in the dark on this one. From what I could tell, she was a fun and cool girl so I decided to go with a twist on a standard piece. This necklace has different shapes and colors of fresh water pearls, but they are woven together in a non-traditional way. I was inspired by the pictures I'd seen on my brother-in-law's Facebook page. When I posted pictures on my Facebook page, I received lot's of comments about this necklace, so I was pretty sure she would like it! She did!

I created this necklace and earrings for my sister-in-law. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful extended family, and my sister-in-law is a great addition to my life. I've visited her in her home city and vacationed with her in sin city. She is a cool woman who likes jewelry that is simple and elegant. The necklace is made of dark blue sand stone rings and white fresh water pearls. I thought the color scheme kept the piece elegant, but the mixture of stone and pearls kept the piece young and cool. The earrings were a lucky accident. I was playing with my beads and wire when I stumbled on them. As soon as I saw the finished product, I knew they were meant for her! This jewelry is elegant and young at the same time... like the woman who inspired them. She's young and fun and I love her to death!!!

This final set was created for another young lady I hadn't met. It was part of a family gift swap. The person I was buying for is a young woman who is crafty herself. I wanted to create something that was funky and cool and would appeal to her artistic side. This set may be my favorite jewelry I've made to date. I love the way the wire mixes with the mother of pearl in the beads. I hope she likes the jewelry as much as I do!


Julee said...

Your work is beautiful. If you ever want to do a feature/giveaway, check out my blog http://jonbonjovious.blogspot and contact me!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous jewelry! Happy Friday Follow :) http://mommyandchild.blogspot.com

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