January 20, 2011

I am Humbled

Sometimes, the generosity of people renders me speechless and completely humbled.  In the news, we hear about all of the bad in people.  We hear about robberies, scams, murders, car accidents, etc...  Today, I want to share a story about kindness; about the good in people.

On December 18, Amy of Spyder Jewels hosted a beaded ornament giveaway.  I had been following her blog as she created more and more amazing ornaments, and was drooling with desire, so I entered (you should really check her blog out.  She does things with seed beads that I can only dream of doing!).  After never winning a giveaway, I actually won this one!  I waited excitedly for my ornament to arrive (I even got to pick the colors and what style I wanted).

Then, unfortunately, I had to leave town suddenly for a family emergency.  When I returned home, there was a HUGE box waiting for me!  When I opened it, the most gorgeous ornament in the world was inside

That was enough to make my day, my week, my month... you get the picture.  But, as I said, it was a HUGE box.  There was more inside.  She had included the book Enchanted Adornments and a HUGE lot of beads for me as well.  I almost cried because I was so touched by her generosity. 

Check out this bounty!  A new book, 2 vials and 3 hanks of seed beads, bugle beads, 2 packs of fringe beads, a cabachon, rivolis, flower and leaf beads, and 2 sets of special beads.  I don't even know how to express how greatful and thankful I am that someone who I have never met would be so generous to me!  Thank you Amy!  I wish I was more eloquent so I could show my appreciation!


moonlitfantaseas said...

Wow, how cool for you! And you are right very generous of Amy too! you are a lucky girl! Have fun and enjoy the goodies, I have Enchanted Adornments, its a great book

Kell said...

Thanks! I feel very lucky! And, I can't wait to dig into Enchanted Adornments. I love learning about new techniques and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.


marsspyder said...

I am so happy you like everything. I initially sent the ornament and some of the beads, then screwed up your address, and when it came back, I felt terrible, so I had to add more stuff to the box. :) The hanks I sent you had been sitting in my stash forever, and I wanted to find a good home for them. Then the other beads decided that they wanted to go live in your stash, and it kind of spiraled from there! Again, I'm so happy the you like your stuff, and that it made it there safe and sound!

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