January 6, 2011


Boy, getting myself together in the new year is more difficult than I expected.  I have so many great ideas, and I want to start them all... so I do.  Now, I have a bunch of started projects and no finished projects for the new year.  Every time I get involved in a project, I get bored and want to switch to something else. 

Is anyone else feeling as scattered as I am?  Is this new year difficult or is it just me?  Boy, I usually don't have a lot of focus, but I have more than this.


Davinia said...

I can relate. But my problem is having everyone home on holidays and getting distracted of interrupted. Many ideas floating around in my head but with no way to find a block of time to sit and play. Thank goodness everyone goes back to work next week.

Anonymous said...

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Kell said...

Davinia: Sometimes when everyone is around, I just want to retreat and hide in a corner and work with my beads! Too many people can definitely be a distraction!

Creek-corner: Thanks for checking out my blog! I love all the seed bead creatures on your blog. I love all types of beading, but I have a special place in my heart for seed beads. I hope you'll come back again. I have a lot of plans for the blog this year!

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